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Potty racers is the most amazing game that allows you to enjoy the thrill of riding through the different streets uphill. It is an incredible game that enables you to enjoy the challenges with real energy and power. Your mission can be completed by balancing the port potty with arrow keys. The left arrow key allows you to shift it to the left side of the street and the right arrow key will enable you to move it towards the right side according to your pathway. There are various exciting tricks that you can perform while you are on the ride. You can perform these tricks by pressing the number keys from 1 to 5. Are you a person who can tackle things without being amazed or terrified because of the things that you need to face? Then you would simply adore the fun and thrill that this challenging game will offer. You will receive positive scores according to the distance that you cover and the height that you would jump. The tricks that you face also will increase your scores to amazing levels. The landing skills also will enhances your chances of receiving bonuses to win! Good luck!

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