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The potty racers 2 games are an awesome treat for the potty racers who have been enjoying the first episode. This new episode consists of more excitement along with the fun factor that the game already possesses. There has been a spectacular changes made in this new episode where you are given a new chance to receive interesting upgrades in order to meet all the challenges with skill and style. But for that you need to earn the score money by performing exclusively without any flair. Once you have earned the cash then you are obliged to buy upgrades in order to increase your speed or can smooth the decline or you can buy bio fuel. The more you start winning there are more gadgets to be purchased such as the engine, tail, wings, canopy, and landing wheels for building an efficient driving machine for you to drive and win. Transform it in to a flying machine to start flying high with more scores and points. There are also wide ranges of tricks to be upgraded which can be purchased as well but before buying these tricks it is essential that you buy an engine, tail and wing first. Then you can purchase loop maneuver, inverted flight, barrel roll and double loop maneuver which can be performed by clicking o the numbers allotted for them. Good luck!

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