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Potty racer 5 is an awesome introduction to your series of potty racing game to give you the excitement of racing through uphill for lifetime. You will love this game because of the awesome graphic gaming skills. The potty racer 5 allows you to experience the speed and talent that are hidden within you by racing your shopping cart through the uphill and launching it without making it fall or you will die. This is very important because in this game success depends on your skill to race up and landing without crashing on the ground. You gain score money according to the distance that you have travelled and the height that you have reached along with various tricks and style. The controls of the wheels are in your hands by clicking on the right arrow key to accelerate the up arrow key to jump in to the cart then it is a balancing point between the right and left arrow key to land safely on the ground without hitting or getting hurt. With the money that you earn you can purchase tools and gadgets like wheels and jetpacks to upgrade your magic vehicle the shopping cart. Good luck my dear racer!

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