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Welcome my friends once again to yet another amazing episode of potty racers 3 to unleash your power of flying with skills and style. Potty racers 3 contains on the whole 8 levels which can be completed one by one. You can unlock a particular level only by winning the previous one. You can upgrade yourself with exclusive items for better performance but you need to have enough cash money in your account in order to be eligible to purchase them all. There are 11 upgrades that can be purchased. But you should first earn the cash money by winning levels or extraordinary skills and experience to purchase them. Each upgrades will be available and will be unlocked as you start earning more scores and more cash money. For purchasing a particular upgrade you should click on the BUY button. There is a special addition made to this awesome game by which you are given the opportunity to visit the scrap yard and pick your choice of rudders, elevators, engine and wings that can again be purchased as you start earning more money. There are exciting tricks displayed for you to purchase such as the loop maneuver, double loop maneuver, inverted flight, barrel roll, Cuban eight, standing ovation which allows you to perform acrobatic tricks with perfection. But yes dear, you need money to purchase them too. What are you waiting for now? Start winning and gaining cash soon!

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